Dotfiles and Scripts

15 Sep 2017 . Category: Linux

So, my old linux machine seems to have died on me - not booting for some reason. I could probably fix it with a bootable usb, except the keyboard is broke (and can’t get to boot menu). Maybe come back to it when I’m drunk and bored.

The upshot of this is that I decided I should try and get my config files and scripts off of it, and put them under version control using git. Although the machine didn’t boot to i3 desktop, using recovery mode it could boot to the command line and so I could manually mount a usb to copy the files off of it.

The dotfiles are checked into a dotfiles repo on github. I’ll use Stow to setup the symlinks, via some scripts that will give slightly different setup depending on whether it’s on my Raspberry Pi or on my Linux machines.

My random shell scripts from the bin directory are checked into a bin repo. Pretty standard stuff - guess it gives an idea of my setup / workflow.


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